Steve McCabe MP calls on Veterans to share their experiences with younger generation!

Steve would like to invite the Veterans of Birmingham to the annual Veterans’ Day at Swanshurst School in Billesley.


Veterans’ Day honours our servicemen and women who did so much to protect Britain in the Second World War and beyond. The Veterans will be sharing stories and memories of their past experiences to help the students learn about the exploits of a generation who had grown up in a very different time.


Each year the students build upon an already brilliant digital library of the exploits of some of the Veterans. The oral history project Swanshurst started five years ago at the first Veterans’ Day is growing each year as more fascinating stories are discovered.


Steve McCabe said:

“Veterans’ Day is a brilliant event, not only because we have the opportunity to give thanks to the Veterans for their service and sacrifices but also because it is a day when we see history come alive.


“Listening to the stories and experiences first hand from those that lived them is invaluable and offers an insight into history that a textbook cannot offer.


“I would be delighted to hear from any Veterans that would like to attend!’


Veterans’ Day will take place on Monday 2nd July, if you are a Veteran and would like to attend please contact Steve's office on 0121 443 3878.

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