Steve expresses concern as waiting times for NHS patients rocket

Steve has expressed dismay at figures suggesting increasing numbers of NHS patients are waiting longer for diagnostic tests.


Figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) put the number of people currently waiting for tests this month at 657,000. Last month, 651,633 were on the waiting list; whilst 595,495 were waiting for tests in the same period last year.

In South Birmingham, the number of patients waiting for diagnostic tests in June totalled 4,004; an increase of 164 people since last year.

The ONS also released figures showing the number of cancelled operations in the quarter ending 30 June 2012 totalled 14,104. The total stood at 12,780 in the same period last year.

Commenting on the figures, Steve said:

 “It goes without saying that treatment for health problems is more effective when diagnosis is provided as early as possible. It is therefore unacceptable that patients are waiting ever longer periods of time for diagnostic tests. In South Birmingham alone, there are over 4,000 people currently waiting for a diagnostic test.

“The Government have shown contempt for patients by pushing through a widely unpopular NHS reform programme, despite pledging in their manifesto they would do no such thing.

“Longer waiting times and the increasing number of cancelled operations are symptomatic of this reorganisation; as resources directed towards patient care are instead redirected towards structural change by order of the Government.

“David Cameron and Andrew Lansley need to act immediately to bring waiting times down.”

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