Steve launches constituency wide consultation on changes to local policing



Steve wants to know what his constituents think about changes to local policing.

Policing in Britain is facing some big changes; Steve is launching a consultation to find out what people in his constituency think about these changes and policing priorities.



Steve said:

“Our Police Force has been at the centre of much attention over recent months. We are facing a big overhaul in how our policing works.


“We are going to see huge cuts as the police try to cope with 20% budget cuts imposed by the Government. By 2015 we will have lost 1060 front line officers in the West Midlands.


“The introduction of private contracts is also going to have a big impact on the ethos of our police force and I think local people should be made aware of these changes.


“On 15th November 2012 we will also be asked to vote for the first time for a Police and Crime Commissioner.


“My time as an MP has taught me just how important crime and policing issues are to my constituents. Although I am sceptical about some of the changes what really matters to me is that I am confident that I understand what my constituents are feeling so that I can do my best to represent their interests.


“I am launching a constituency wide consultation and urge as many people to take part as possible.”


Please click on the link to take part in Steve’s consultation: Online Survey

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