Stirchley Baths - survey results and update

August 2012


Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey regarding the future of Stirchley Baths.

92% of respondents said that they wanted to see the baths used as a community centre. The original plans envisaged part of it being council offices but the survey revealed that 70% of people don’t use the neighbourhood office. It seems to make sense therefore to abandon the office plan and use the maximum space for the community and make greater use of peripatetic council services which have the benefit of saving money in difficult times. The survey also revealed that local residents are divided over plans for a car park attached to the centre

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A ‘Community Stakeholder’ meeting was hosted by council officers on Thursday 2nd August to update residents. The need to press ahead and submit a Heritage Lottery Bid and a planning application to support this has inevitably meant that some decisions have been taken but it is important that the plans are shaped by local people and not just council officers. There are practical issues that still need to be resolved including: a full business case that shows this project will work and makes sense; impact on residents of Bond Street and Stirchley Park; competing demands for use of the centre by different groups; and, any commercial elements designed to provide it with revenue funding.  It’s unlikely that there will be unanimous agreement but it is important that local people feel they have had a fair chance to shape the outcome.


Karen Cheney (District Service Integration Head for Selly Oak, Birmingham City Council) has asked that people submit any views on the current state of the plans prior to a second meeting which will be held on the 6th September, 6.30pm at Stirchley Community Centre. The plans can be obtained from her by contacting her at the Constituency Office, 1459 Pershore Rd, Stirchley, B30 2JL (01214649072) or by email at


Myself and Councillor Phil Walkling believe it’s important that we elect a steering group at or shortly after this meeting, one composed of representatives of local people and organisations so that they can play a full part in advising officers on how things should proceed.


We don’t wish to dictate to the local community. We want to work with you and we want to see a successful outcome to this issue as part of wider plans to regenerate Stirchley.


Steve McCabe

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