Steve calls on Ofgem to protect vulnerable energy customers.

Steve is calling on Ofgem to protect the most vulnerable from the spiralling cost of energy bills.


Following the recent announcement by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) that the company intends to increase their energy prices by 9% in October; Steve is calling on Ofgem to act and protect the most vulnerable customers from the spiralling cost of energy bills.

The decision by SSE, Britain’s second largest energy provider, will mean the average annual dual fuel bill will increase by just over £100; to £1,274. It is widely believed that other energy companies may soon follow suit.

Meanwhile, whilst Britons struggle with rising energy bills, Ofgem predicts the profit margins of Britain’s energy companies are due to rise by almost 14 per cent this year.

Steve said “Ofgem believe the best way to protect consumers is by promoting competition and overseeing light-touch regulation. I disagree.

“Ofgem need to grow a backbone and intervene to protect the poorest energy customers; especially pensioners and families suffering the effects of fuel poverty. It is unbelievable that energy bills are set to rise over and above the rate of inflation whilst wages and pensions stagnate. Unfortunately, many people in Birmingham face a choice this winter between heating and eating.

“I will be looking for an opportunity to raise this in Parliament and with Ofgem. In the meantime, I plan to host an energy advice day later this year. I have invited British Gas, SSE and other energy providers; independent experts such as Which? and uSwitch; campaign groups including National Energy Action; Birmingham City Council and other housing associations; and charities such as Citizens Advice Bureau to come to Birmingham on October 12th 2012 and offer advice to constituents. 

“My aim is to help my constituents save money by switching tariffs or energy providers; or by following simple tips to save energy.”

Details of the energy advice day will be released in due course.

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