Policing is a major concern for constituents

Steve has said he’s surprised at the huge response so far to a constituency consultation asking residents what they think the main priorities for policing should be?


The survey focuses on the kind of policing people expect; the crimes that most concern them; and, changes which might occur with the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners and proposals for Business Partnering arrangements.


Steve said

"I’ve had a huge response already and we are in the very early stages. It tells me that crime and policing is an issue which really matters to people. We all encounter the police at some point in our lives and if the British model of policing is to survive it requires consent and public confidence.

"It’s important that I hear from as many people as possible so that I can be confident that the views of my constituents are being properly represented.   I will share the findings once the survey is complete and has been properly analysed. I also expect the new Police and Crime Commissioner will be interested in the findings.’



Constituents wishing to participate in the survey can take part online by clicking here or by phoning Steve's office for a hard copy on 0121 443 3878 

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