Selly Oak constituents value hard work of neighbourhood police

Steve is concerned about the scale of the police cuts, which will see over 800 police officers lost in the West Midlands this year, and the effect this will have on neighbourhood policing. 

Steve has been carrying out a consultation on the Future of Policing and has received an overwhelming response so far which shows that these cuts may well result in a loss of the very elements of policing the public values most.


Steve is inviting constituents to come along to discuss the consultation results on Wednesday 10th October.


The consultation has shown so far that there is a fairly high satisfaction level with local policing: 40% say they are satisfied, 23% fairly satisfied and 10% very satisfied. Anti-social behaviour and burglary remain major concerns for people and there’s also a desire to see the police bear down on drugs, organised crime and sexual offenses.


85% of people are opposed to government plans for further private sector involvement in our police; perhaps not surprising given that one of the suggested partners for West Midland Police is G4S who were responsible for the security fiasco before the Olympics even got under way.


Steve said:

“People value seeing a police presence in their area and like to have contact with officers who have some local knowledge. David Cameron said frontline policing would not be hit by his huge 20% cuts, but the fact is the West Midlands are to lose 814 frontline police officers.


“Our Chief Constable has been put in an impossible position by this Government’s decision to cut police funding by 20%. I will be discussing this issue and other key elements of Neighbourhood policing with Chief Superintendent Barnett, Local Sector Commander.


“More recently the tragic events in Manchester have reminded us of how dangerous a job policing can be and of course the revelations on Hillsborough highlights how the police must be made accountable to the public they serve.


“I would like to invite constituents to come and discuss the results of my consultation and share their views on local policing with me.”


If you would like to attend the discussion on Wednesday 10th October please contact Steve’s office on 0121 443 3878 for more information.

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