Steve blasts council over mobile phone mast application

I recently attended a protest against a phone mast proposal.

The application states that the site which has been chosen is the junction of Heath Road and Selly Oak Road (Bournville Ward). However I discovered that pavement markings have already been painted at the location by council workmen and I asked the council why they are preparing for work to begin without approval.


They claim that the matter will still be subject to a proper consultation and that they do this as a matter of course. If this is true it means that they are wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds by painting service designs at locations which subsequently fail to get planning approval. That’s incompetence and an outrageous waste of our council tax.


I am opposed to this mast because it is in a predominantly residential area. It is a sensitive location due to its proximity to St. Josephs Catholic Primary School and Kings Norton Girls School as well as bungalows for the elderly and a residential home for elderly people.

As well as formally objecting I have now written to the Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council to ask him to clarify the status of the road markings and the cost.


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