Steve McCabe talks business with the new President of Kraft Foods UK

Steve McCabe  met with the new President of Kraft Foods UK, Maurizio Brusadelli, to discuss developments in the company and the role of Bournville in long term plans.


Kraft has recently restructured its business to separate its high value global snacks business, which will now be known at Mondalez (a new word meaning delicious world), from the Kraft Foods North American grocery business. Maurizio Brusadelli who replaces Nick Bunker has been with the company for 19 years.


Steve said: ‘I developed a frank and constructive relationship with Nick Bunker and I felt it was important to meet the new man at the earliest opportunity. People often forget that the food and confectionary business is now the largest manufacturing sector in this country and that Bournville with the Centre of Excellence, which includes innovation labs, a collaboration kitchen and new plant, is at the centre of this. My concerns remain the same – I want this business to thrive and the jobs and opportunities at Bournville to be secured for the long term.’


Maurizio Brusadelli has said that the outlook for the business is good, with Cadbury well ahead of its rivals. However, it is a very competitive business which is subject to fluctuating demand depending on the state of the domestic economy and external pressures such as raw materials and energy costs.


Kraft has honoured the commitments made to Cadbury in its five year plan and continues to strive for productivity and efficiency gains at Bournville. The new President has promised that he remains committed to strengthening Research and Development at Bournville; developing the company’s apprenticeship programme; and retaining a strong involvement with the local area. Director Neil Chapman currently serves on the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Panel and Sonia Chartwall is shortly to take up post as the new Community Manager for Kraft.


Maurizio Brusadelli will be meeting other West Midlands MPs for the first time at a function at the House of Commons this week.

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