Parliamentary Committee tells UK Border Agency: deal with 300,000 (and growing) case backlog now and act to take action against immigration rule-breakers

Steve has welcomed a number of recommendations made by the Home Affairs Select Committee, of which he is a member, on the work of the UK Border Agency.


The Home Affairs Select Committee has expressed concern on the Border Agency’s failure to tackle its 300,000 case backlog; which is spiralling out of control. Members have recommended that Border Agency chiefs provide an explanation as to where a further 4,000 cases have come from.

The current backlog consists of individuals without leave to remain in the UK who the Border Agency cannot trace; foreign national offenders who are awaiting deportation since serving their sentence; asylum seekers and migration cases.

Committee members also noted the Border Agency’s poor record on following up allegations, made by the public, on abuse of the immigration system. Just 9% of allegations resulted in enforcement action.

The report also made a number of recommendations on issues including child detention; student visas; and senior staff bonuses.

Commenting on the report, Steve said:

“There are as many cases awaiting resolution by the UK Border Agency as there are people in countries like Belize and Iceland. A backlog totalling a third of a million is unacceptable.

“With the backlog growing by 25,000 cases over the last three months alone; the Border Agency need to act swiftly to end the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the heads of people who have waited many years for a decision on their immigration case.

“Until the entire backlog is cleared the Committee does not believe that senior staff should receive any bonuses”.

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