Steve calls on the Government to do more for West Midlands unemployed

Steve is calling on the Government to do more for the unemployed in the West Midlands as Labour Market Statistics reveal continued regional imbalances.


In Labour Market Statistics released today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the unemployment rate for the West Midlands stood at 8.6%. The national unemployment rate totalled 7.8%, down 0.2% on the last quarter.


Youth unemployment (aged 16-24) fell by 49,000 on the preceding three months but stands at a staggering 20.7%.


The number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) nationally increased by 4.8%; whilst the claimant count in the West Midlands increased by 6%.


Steve said:


“I welcome the news that unemployment is down nationally as well as here in the West Midlands.


“However, the region continues to underperform compared to the rest of the country. The percentage of people unemployed continues to track above the national average; as does the number of people claiming JSA.


“The Government need to take action to tackle regional imbalances through desperately-needed investment in regions including the West Midlands.


“I hope Ministers recognise this and act accordingly”.

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