Steve meets with Elliot Foundation to discuss plans for Billesley Primary School and Tiverton Junior and Infant School

Steve recently met with Dr Caroline Whalley (CEO) and Hugh Greenway (Managing Director) of the Elliot Foundation to discuss their plans for two primary schools in the constituency.


The Elliot Foundation, a new, not-for-profit organisation; currently serve as the sponsor of Billesley Primary School and hopes to serve Tiverton Junior and Infant School in Selly Oak starting in 2013.


The work of the Foundation, founded by Dr Whalley (a former teacher), is guided by a belief in the role of primary education in improving the life chances of children. The aim is to establish a thriving community of primary schools, working together for the benefit of children, teachers and schools and inspire them to succeed.


The Foundation is keen to provide engaged, pro-active governors who add something to the school, but recognise that this must be done in close conjunction with the Headteachers of the schools concerned and working closely with other governors, parents and the local community.


The Elliot Foundation’s plan is to establish a ‘West Midlands’ hub of around twenty schools. The Foundation currently run three other schools in Birmingham and Walsall.


Steve will be keeping in regular contact with Dr Whalley to receive regular reports from the Foundation and to look at ways in which he can work with them on projects of mutual benefit to pupils and parents.

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