One year in and the Welfare-to-Work Programme misses target

Steve McCabe has expressed dismay over figures released today which showed that the work programme is only getting 3.53% of people into jobs for six months or more, missing the Governments own target of 5.5%.


The Work Programme was launched by the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, in 2011 and was intended to target people who have been claiming out of work benefits for a long period. Individuals are referred to a range of private, voluntary and public sector organisations who are meant to get people back into work.


Figures released today by the Department for Work and Pensions cover the 13 months from June 2011 to July 2012 and show that of the 878,000 people who joined the programme only 31,000 found a job for 6 months or more.


The scheme replaces the New Deal, Employment Zones, Future Jobs Fund and Pathways to Work, initiated by the previous Labour Government which were producing good results.


Steve said:

“In February 2011 David Cameron said that what matters is that the Work Programme works, well we are one year in and the results are not good.


“When looking at these statistics I am reminded of a case of a new graduate in Birmingham who was forced to give up a voluntary work experience placement which they had secured themselves and  take up the mandatory work scheme and begin a placement with Poundland. The application of the programme was clearly inappropriate and did not help this young person enhance their job prospects. How many other cases are there like this?


“The Government are failing us on the economy, failing us on jobs and failing to reduce the welfare bill.”

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