Steve McCabe joins TeamV to raise awareness of youth homelessness

Steve met with TeamV who were raising awareness of homelessness faced by young people at MAC in Cannon Hill Park.

TeamV is a volunteer and leadership programme, run by Vinspired and powered by young people who are socially aware and want to encourage positive change in their communities. Every year it gives one hundred 18-25 year olds a chance to change the world, one campaign at a time.


Steve was invited to attend the exhibition by Donna Chityo (pictured on Steve’s immediate left), who is focusing her campaign on youth homelessness in Bournville and Selly Oak. Donna is a full time nursing student at Wolverhampton University and commits her spare time to TeamV.


Steve said: ‘This programme involves quite a big commitment over a 9 month period but as well as a chance for these young people to demonstrate and grow their leadership skills, it’s an opportunity for the rest of us to see young people in a much more positive light.’

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