Steve McCabe MP calls for a step change in relations with Iran

Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe says the policy of successive British governments towards Iran has failed and that the regime in Tehran is now out of control and threatening the entire Middle East as well as the wider world.


Mr McCabe was addressing the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, the broad movement has the support of individuals like Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC, Tahar Boumedra (former UN Human Rights specialist), Baroness Boothroyd, Lord Avebury, Lord Waddington and a host of Members of Parliament from across the political parties. The Iranian opposition also has support from the European Union and across the USA.


Mr McCabe described the Iranian regime as a tyranny which tortured and executed its own people and fought proxy wars in the Middle East through arming groups like Hamas and Hezbollah as well as developing nuclear weapons in an effort to hold the whole region and the wider world to ransom. He said that diplomacy had failed and a step change in dealings with the Mullahs was now needed.


He called on the Home Secretary to grant an entry visa to Maryam Rajavi, the President of the Iranian opposition, so that she could visit the UK and hold talks with politicians in this country. He said she was an opposition leader who the British people should be free to see and challenge like any other democratic politician.


Commenting further Steve McCabe said:

“It’s astonishing that we offer support to Libyan and Syrian rebels, even without being clear about who they are or what they represent, but we deny the most basic support to the legitimate Iranian opposition.


“They don’t want our money or our weapons or military assistance. They want a level playing field; the hand of friendship; and a fair chance to plead their case. It’s time the Home Secretary ended this dreadful ban on Mrs Rajavi which has been put in place to appease the murderers in Tehran. “

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