Steve McCabe MP Backs Meningitis Matters to Raise Awareness of Disease

Steve McCabe MP pledged support for the Meningitis Research Foundation’s ‘Meningitis Matters’ campaign. Bringing together parliamentarians as well as leading healthcare professionals, the event marked the culmination of a day of action in Parliament, aimed at raising awareness of meningitis particularly amongst children.


Meningitis Matters looks to raise awareness of meningitis and septicaemia, and to ensure that tackling the diseases remains a top public health priority while the current NHS reforms are implemented.


Meningitis is still a serious and life-threatening disease, affecting around 3,400 people in the UK each year. Infants and young people are at greatest risk: meningitis causes the largest number of deaths amongst children under five - more than any other infectious disease.


Steve McCabe MP has signed a pledge calling on the Government to introduce new meningitis vaccines as soon as readily available. Many deadly strains of meningitis remain uncontrolled, and vaccination is still the most effective way to prevent and control it.


Steve McCabe MP said:


“Meningitis hasn't gone away - it still kills far too many children and leaves many more with life-long disabilities. Although real progress has been made over the last decade, more needs to be done. Meningitis and septicaemia are terrible diseases which are vaccine preventable and no child should be dying from them in today’s world.”


Meningitis Matters calls on the Government to:


·         Introduce new vaccines that prevent meningitis onto the national immunisation schedule as soon as they become available

·         Develop communication strategies in partnership with patient groups, to raise awareness of the importance of meningitis and the need           for vaccination

·         Provide good quality integrated support and aftercare for those left with disabilities and debilitating after-effects

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