Steve McCabe MP calls for a fair deal for Birmingham Council Tax Payers in House of Commons

Steve McCabe MP proposed an Early Day Motion which called for the House of Commons to recognise the huge impact the cuts to local authority grants will have on Birmingham City Council.


The motion, which has been signed by 13 MP’s and seconded by all Birmingham’s Labour MP’s, highlights the real concerns about Birmingham’s ability to continue to support the most vulnerable in society and points to the haste in which the local schemes are being introduced and the fact that benefits will be cut by 10%, hitting the poorest section of the community.


Interestingly Andrew Mitchell, the Conservative MP for Sutton Coldfield, and John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Yardley, did not sign the EDM calling for a fairer deal for Birmingham.


Steve McCabe said:

“The government have imposed huge cuts on local authorities across the country and this will have a massive impact on their abilities to continue services as they are. It is ridiculous that local authorities such as Birmingham have had the same cuts in budgets than those like Surrey; Birmingham City Council has the largest amount of people currently receiving council tax benefit by a considerable margin. It makes no sense to impose the same cuts across the board.


“The most deprived families in Birmingham could face bills of around 300 pounds and other low-income households will be asked to pay 24% of the full council tax bill. How does the Government plan to make these people pay when our economy is faltering, the cost of living is rising and people are struggling to find work?”

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