Steve calls on the Government to extend Warm Front scheme in the face of waiting lists and £50 million under-spend


Steve has called on the Government to extend the Warm Front scheme following the news that thousands of families are still waiting for assistance.


Thousands of low-income families who have applied for help are yet to receive it; despite the expiry date of the scheme set for this Saturday (19 January). Ministers have also under-spent £50 million on the scheme.


Steve said:


“The Warm Front scheme helped many low-income households achieve greater energy efficiency since its introduction by the last Labour Government.


“This arbitrary deadline, 19 January, will leave those families who wish to apply for funding out in the cold.


“I raised this issue in Parliament on Wednesday (16 January 2013) as part of a debate called by the Labour Party on energy prices; as households waiting for help under the scheme will continue to pay higher energy bills than those who have received assistance.


“I also plan to write to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and ask what plans he has for the £50 million under-spend.”


To view Steve's contribution to the debate on energy prices, please click here:

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