Steve McCabe MP takes the debate on votes at 16 into local schools

Steve McCabe has been canvassing young people’s opinion over the past few months about what they think about giving the vote to 16 year olds.

Wheelers Lane Boys School and Selly Park Girls School voted overwhelmingly in favour, with 78% supporting extending the vote to 16 year olds.


Steve is still keen to hear what other young people in his constituency think and will be bringing the ballot to Kings Heath Boys School this week!


There is actually a back bench parliamentary debate on the issue of votes at 16 in Westminster this Thursday but Steve won’t be able to take part as he’ll be upstairs busy scrutinising the government’s Courts and Crime Bill which sets up the new National Crime Agency as well as making changes to the judiciary, family courts and the county court and introducing the controversial proposal that an individual should be able to use disproportionate force on a burglar providing it’s not grossly disproportionate.


Steve said:

“I’m disappointed that I’ll miss the debate on votes at 16 because I’d really have welcomed the opportunity to report on what young people in my constituency are saying but ensuring that government legislation is properly scrutinised is also an important part of the work of parliament.


“I think it’s really important that we listen to what young people are saying on this issue and a host of other matters that affect them. It’s all very well for MPs who already have the vote to debate votes at 16 but what really matters is that we hear the views of young people.


“I think it’s quite ridiculous that 16 year olds in Scotland will be able to vote in the referendum on Scottish independence  but those same people won’t be able to deliver a verdict on the government. What kind of message does that give to young people all over the country? You can only vote when it suits the politicians! If we are really serious about it we should listen to young people and so far they are telling me that they think they are getting a pretty poor deal on education, jobs, tuition fees and future opportunities in terms of mortgages and pensions and they want the right to have their say.”

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