Steve calls for a more secure vehicle licensing plate regime

Steve has spoken in Parliament in support of greater regulation of the much-criticised vehicle licensing plate regime.


Speaking in the Commons on Thursday evening (31 January), Steve called on the Government to commit to reforming the system by which vehicle license plates are produced and registered. The scheme has come under criticism in recent years by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).


Steve spoke out in support of a DVLA-led and single registration plate supplier regime; similar to those systems currently adopted by Sweden and other European countries. The current scheme was poorly conceived, and helped facilitate the theft and illegal transfer of vehicles, said Steve.


Steve also said the system needed reform in light of advances in automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology and the conflict of interest at the heart of the scheme.


Responding on behalf of the Government, Stephen Hammond MP (Parliamentary under Secretary of State for Transport) rejected Steve’s view that the system needed reform; despite a recent blunder by a large supplier in which 5% of the nation’s cars are now unreadable under ANPR technology.


Steve said:


“The Association of Chief Police Officers has lobbied for the introduction of a Swedish-style system of regulation since 1994. Yet, the Department for Transport is at the mercy of large multinational companies who produce vehicle licensing plates; whose best interests lie in the maintenance of the current regime. This is in spite of the advice of the Home Office Vehicle Crime Reduction Team and the ACPO.


“I recognise that there has been a modest attempt at regulation, but I am trying to persuade the Government to go further. I hope to raise this with the Department for Transport at a suitable opportunity in the future.”


To watch a video of the Adjournment Debate, please click here:

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