Steve warns of a Double Whammy of energy we can’t afford and the lights going out

Steve is warning constituents that they face higher energy bills as the UK steamrolls towards a significant gap in energy production.


Ofgem have today warned that consumers face higher energy bills as the UK becomes more reliant on costly energy imports.


The failure of the Government to attract significant investment in green energy and renewables; the squabbling over Wind farms; and, the secrecy over nuclear power are leading to a real energy crisis. The Green Investment Bank is beginning to look a bit toothless as an instrument to drive investment and Ofgem seems powerless in the face of mounting profits and shareholder dividends paid for by higher bills for consumers. The Government has failed to secure new generating capacity and left us at the mercy of an energy gap and unreliable and expensive foreign imports.


"In the short run we’ll be forced to buy more gas on the world market, which will prove increasingly expensive."


Furthermore, the premature termination of the Warm Front scheme and the doubts about the Green Deal have resulted in a situation where households are not receiving proper assistance to tackle problems like poor insulation and inefficient boilers which lead to domestic energy inefficiency and higher bills.


Steve said:


“The UK faces a significant energy gap whilst the government dithers over the direction of energy policy.


“Government inertia is unacceptable. I have tabled a number of Parliamentary Questions recently regarding the Government’s energy policy, and I recently held a ‘save money on your energy bills’ workshop to help my constituents with the crippling cost of energy.


“Tonight I will be speaking at a public meeting at the University of Birmingham about the need for affordable energy and a sustainable energy policy. But there’s only so much that can be done locally, the Energy Secretary would do well to listen to the growing chorus of voices calling for immediate action before consumers end up paying for the failings of this Government and there’s a real risk we are reduced to energy on rotation for a few hours per day”

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