‘Are the Government’s childcare reforms really going to make childcare cheaper AND better quality, I am not convinced’ says Steve

Steve is contacting nurseries and childminders about the Government’s plans to reform how the child care system works.


The average family in Britain spends more than a quarter of their annual income on childcare which is unsustainable for many families and single parents who want to work.


The Government finally published its report ‘More great childcare: Raising quality and giving parents more choice’ about their vision for reforming child care.


The Government proposes relaxing the ratio between adult and children, meaning one member of staff at a nursery will be allowed to look after four 1 year olds, six 2 year olds and between eight and thirteen 3+ year olds. The Government will also require nursery staff and child minders to hold more qualifications; this is meant to help drive the cost of child care down.


Steve said:

“I agree that the childcare system does need reform and understand this is no easy task. But I do not think that we are going to get more affordable, better quality care by tinkering with qualifications or having less staff look after more children.


“While I am sure there is a case for improving pay and the level of qualifications this cannot be a substitute for the care and attention that young children require all the time. Having an extra qualification does not give you an extra pair of hands; I am worried that relaxing adult children ratios will have a negative impact.


“I want to know what childcare professionals think about these proposed changes, I would also like to hear from parents who are affected by the cost of childcare and any other issues.”

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