Steve consults local pubs on industry reform

Steve has surveyed pub landlords in the constituency to ask for their views on proposals to reform the pub industry


The proposals call for the establishment of a statutory code of practice and an independent Adjudicator to investigate and arbitrate disputes between lessees and pub companies.


The Adjudicator will also have the power to impose sanctions.


Steve said:


The current system of self-regulation has failed.


“18 pubs close every week in the UK, and some experts have warned that these closures arise, in part, out of the nature of the tied-in lease (which currently affects 56% of pubs).


“I believe we need legislation to tackle this issue, as the industry as a whole has failed to deal with it. Too many lessees are forced to pay above-market rates for renting premises and sourcing alcohol which can impact on the ability of a lessee to compete in the market effectively and draw a decent wage.


“The devil will be in the detail, and I look forward to hearing the views of pub landlords in my constituency. I will pass these on to the Business Secretary and to the House in the event of future legislation.”

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