Government of millionaires vote for millionaires while thousands of people’s homes are put in jeopardy by bedroom tax

Steve McCabe MP has expressed dismay as a motion put forward by Labour to introduce greater fairness into the tax system is voted down.


Labour put down a motion in support of a mansion tax on properties worth over £2 million which could pay for tax cuts for millions of people on low and middle incomes. A fair tax system is a central part of building a successful economy and that is why Labour wants to see a tax on properties worth over £2 million pounds and would use the money raised to reintroduce a 10p rate of tax.


Steve said:

“I am disappointed that Labour’s motion calling for a mansion tax was defeated, especially as the Liberal Democrats have previously come out and said they support the idea.


“What frustrates me most is that the Government doesn’t seem to see the unfairness of it all, while they have introduced a tax cut for millionaires they are penalising the most vulnerable.


“I welcome the Government’s U-turn over elements of the bedroom tax and am very pleased that hard working foster carers and those adults serving in the armed forces will be exempt but you can’t will the ends without the means, and it is still unclear how this policy is going to affect disabled households. We are weeks away from many people losing their homes because they can’t make the rent but can’t find somewhere smaller to live and it appears the Coalition Government are more concerned about those few living in £2 million properties than those most in need.”

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