British Gas customers: check you’re receiving all the help you’re entitled to as a customer

With the weather unseasonably cold and the recent news that Britain is dangerously close to exhausting its gas supplies; I’ve compiled a ‘shopping list’ of free or subsidised help provided by British Gas (the country’s largest energy provider) for its customers.


British Gas Energy Trust

The British Gas Energy Trust is an independent charity that helps individuals and families struggling to pay their gas and electricity debts.  Applicants don’t need to be a British Gas customer. For more information, visit:


Direct Debit Discount

Customers who pay for their energy by Direct Debit could make quarterly savings on their bills by virtue of paying for their energy this way. For more information, visit:,CASE=672,USETEMPLATE=sublanding_2.tem.


Dual Fuel Discount

For customers that take both gas and electricity from British Gas, a dual fuel discount is available. The discount can average £15 per year. For more information, please visit:


Green Deal

Energy efficiency is the most effective way to cut household energy bills. The Government’s Green Deal scheme could help you cut your energy costs over the long term; by providing a loan to pay for energy efficiency measures which is paid back through a levy on your energy bills.


Smart Meters

Smart meters give people real-time information on how much energy they are using and what that costs; which means customers can use more, or less energy, depending on their household budgets.

Smart meters can help households save £65 a year. For more information, visit:


Tariff Check

British Gas have introduced a tariff check, and will write to you twice a year to tell you if they have a cheaper British Gas tariff based on your actual consumption. For more information, visit:


Warm Home Discount Scheme

A rebate paid to vulnerable customers through their electricity bills. In the Birmingham Selly Oak constituency, 1,317 constituents received the £120 rebate last year. For more information, visit:






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