Backing 'Railway Children' campaign to help vulnerable children

At an event hosted last week by the Railway Children’s Charity I pledged my commitment to their campaign to help vulnerable children who find themselves living on the streets.The event was to show support to vulnerable young people who live on the streets as a means to escape abuse and violence. The charity aims to help those thousands of children and young people who are at risk, by intervening before the child gets onto the streets and supporting them once they are on the streets. They hope to prevent them from coming to harm, and to reach them before an abuser can. I recognise the crucial role that early intervention can play both in creating brighter futures for disadvantaged and abused children, as well as a way for them to find help and support.

I have contacted the Children’s Minister to make her aware of the fantastic work this charity does for our children and young people, and to ensure that their funding is not under threat.
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