Students at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School exercise their community muscle

Steve McCabe MP met with students taking GCSE Citizenship at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Technology College who wanted to pick Steve’s brains about their campaigns for change.


The students were pursuing a mixture of campaigns including: lowering the voting age, gang violence, reducing the cost of bus travel, restoration of Stirchley Baths and the clean-up of Stirchley Park.


The session ended in a vote on whether the voting age should be lowered to 16. Students at Dame Elizabeth School joined their peers from other schools taking part in voting overwhelmingly in favour of lowering the voting age!


Steve said:

“It is really nice to speak to a group of young people who are passionate about their communities and want to work to make them better places to live.


“I am not surprised that the students voted in favour of lowering the voting age, I’ve been into 4 local schools now and the students have all supported a change. The more young people I meet the less and less I am convinced by the argument that 16 year olds are too immature to have the vote, maybe some of the cynics should come and visit young people in my constituency!”

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