Government on track to create jobless generation

As unemployment rises by 70,000 across the country and long-term youth unemployment in Birmingham Selly Oak is up 43% on last year, Steve McCabe MP calls on the Government to act now for jobs and growth.

Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics reveal unemployment rose by 70,000 to 2.56 million between December and February, pushing the unemployment rate to 7.9%. The number of people in employment also fell, while earnings growth slowed considerably.


In Birmingham Selly Oak constituency long-term unemployment is still up 16% on last year and even worse long-term youth unemployment is up a huge 43% in the area.


All this comes after more bad news on Tuesday about the UK’s growth forecasts, with the IMF forecasting growth of just 0.7%, after previously saying in January that the UK economy could expect 1% growth.


Steve McCabe said:

 “This is more bad news for our economy and what worries me most is the Government’s arrogance towards its policies. Today’s bad news comes just a day after the IMF warned George Osborne about his approach and suggested he re-consider his austerity plan.


“The lack of action on jobs and growth will mean further hardship and heartache for my constituents. It is totally unacceptable that long-term youth unemployment in my constituency is up 43% on last year, this Government is right on track to create a jobless generation.”

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