Residents’ up-in-arms over unpopular planning application

Steve has contacted the City Council’s Planning Department on behalf of residents opposed to an application to bring nearly 70 student beds to a quiet residential road.


Residents of Serpentine Road, a quiet residential lane in Selly Park, have contacted Steve to object to a planning application which would convert an old nursing home to a student accommodation block with 68 beds.


Steve has forwarded these objections to the Director of Planning and Regeneration at the Council; asking that they be considered when officers and the Planning Committee make their decision. The proposed student accommodation block would come within the boundaries of the Selly Park Conservation Area and would, in the opinion of residents, not be in keeping with the character of the area.


Residents at a local meeting held by Steve last week also raised concerns about increased traffic flow and the inadequate amount of car parking spaces in the plans.


Steve said:


“I visited a 436 bed student development in Selly Oak recently, so I can’t see why developers are moving on to quiet residential areas such as Serpentine Road to satisfy demand for student accommodation.


“I’m not against all development in Selly Oak, provided they meet the relevant planning regulations and developers act responsibly; but it is utter madness to bring such a large development to such a quiet road.


“I hope officers and the City Council’s Planning Committee take into account the concerns of the Serpentine Road constituents who contacted me to express their views. At the end of the day, it is them who will have to live with this development on their doorstep.”

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