Steve signs Fair Trade Beyond 2015 declaration

Steve has signed up to the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 declaration; which calls for world leaders to construct a stronger global development framework in 2015


The declaration calls on world leaders to put in place a new global development framework following the expiry of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015.


The declaration will be sent, together with a list of signatories, to world leaders participating in the UN High Level Meeting of the General Assembly in September 2013.


Steve said:


“The Millennium Development Goals have had some success in combating extreme poverty and multiple deprivations across the globe, but attention must turn to the shape and intended outcomes of the framework that will replace them in 2015.


“I’m calling on world leaders, meeting in New York in September 2013, to construct a global development framework based on sustainable development and one which ensures trade rules and practises are fair across the globe.”

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