Steve surveys local charities and community groups on funding environment

Steve has written to local charities and community groups to assess the health of the third and voluntary sector in the constituency.

Steve has written to over 200 charities and community groups who have activities in the Birmingham Selly Oak constituency to assess the health of the third and voluntary sector in the local area.


The letter comes as charities and community groups continue to struggle in a climate of public austerity; as central Government and local authority grants and funding are cut; whilst people are less able to donate to good causes as wages get squeezed.


Recent estimates suggested that charitable groups faced a cut of between £1 billion and £5.5 billion alone in the 2012/13 financial year.


Steve said:


“In 2011/12, under the previous Birmingham City Council administration, voluntary and third sector groups in the city faced a cut of £15 million and there’s little prospect of good news this year.


 “In light of these grim figures, I want to build a better picture of what is actually happening to charitable organisations and community groups in the constituency: in terms of staffing, grants and funding etc.


“This will help me decide what issues to raise in Parliament and what else I can do to help.”

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