Childcare providers tell Steve they're not convinced by new plans

Steve McCabe has been asking childcare providers what they think of the government’s new plans to reform childcare and they are not convinced

Steve has been talking to Day Nurseries and Childminders in his constituency and getting their views on what needs changing and if they think the government’s plans will improve how childcare works.


The majority of professionals agreed that some rules and regulations could be changed without affecting or endangering children. However, it was very clear that the professionals did not agree with proposals to relax ratios between staff and children as they believe this will actually have a negative impact on the quality of childcare they can offer.


Childminders also thought introducing childminder agencies will not be helpful and will add an extra administrative burden when they already have to complete large amounts of paper work.


Most importantly childcare professionals cannot see how these proposals will help bring down the cost of childcare.


Steve McCabe said:

“I agree that the childcare system could be improved but we don’t need changes based on a government minister’s whim.


“We need changes that will actually bring down the cost of childcare for parents and stop these high costs being a barrier for parents who wish to return to work. Providers also need to be properly funded to be able to provide a quality service.


“Relaxing ratios between staff and children will not solve the issue of cost and may well cause more harm than good. Similarly, I cannot see the argument for introducing childminder agencies, childminders in my constituency are telling me they want less bureaucracy not more so I really can’t see how this will deliver that.”

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