Steve surveys local faith groups on UK’s progress on meeting Millennium Development Goals

Steve has written to faith groups in the constituency to ask for their views on whether the UK is on target to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); and what should replace the MDGs framework in 2016.


The letter comes as the international community have less than 1,000 days to meet these goals. The UN concluded in 2012 that targets had been met in ensuring parity for boys’ and girls’ enrolment in primary school; high levels of internet usage across the world; and halting and reversing the problem of tuberculosis.


However, the UN also concluded that there had been virtually no progress towards equal representation of women in national parliaments; universal access to reproductive health; and universal access to primary schooling.


Steve also recently signed the Fair Trade Beyond 2015 declaration, which calls for a just and sustainable framework to replace the MDGs in 2016. The declaration calls on local authorities to engage with the international development agenda; a more ‘modern’ framework which moves beyond the traditional development agenda to focus on the root causes of global inequality; and a focus on fairer trade.


Steve said:


“I welcome the UK Government’s continuing commitment to help the world’s poorest people despite our economic difficulties but we also need to be prepared to critique our own efforts.

“The number of people who go hungry or who live in slums continues to grow and there is anxiety in some quarters about the transparency surrounding some DFID projects and rumours that aid money could be added to MOD initiatives.

“I look forward to hearing back from faith groups in my constituency on these important issues; which will help inform my work in Parliament and in the constituency.”

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