“We need action on social care NOW not later” says Steve McCabe MP

Steve has called on the Government to take action now on social care warning this issue is only going to get worse the longer it is left.


In the Queen’s Speech the Government set out its plans to introduce a Care and Support Bill to tackle the huge issue of social care provision in the UK. The Bill is expected to include measures such as a cap on care costs of £72,000 from 2016, standardised national criteria to determine services people are entitled to, continuity of care when a person moves or enters adulthood, support for carers who look after people with long-term conditions and new legal rights to services, information and advice for carers.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“While I welcome the increased support for carers outlined in the Queens Speech it doesn’t do anything to help hardworking carers now. The Government also seems to have forgotten to mention how all this will be funded, people are struggling now and the cuts to local authorities mean it is not feasible to expect them to pick up the tab.


“What we really need is a re-think of how the whole system works. At present healthcare through the NHS and social care through a local authority is not joined up enough and this causes significant problems for individuals and their families. It is no good being discharged from hospital if there isn’t the help in place at home to make sure you are coping.


“I have been conducting a consultation on the future funding of elderly care across my constituency and a lot of people are telling me the system is simply not adequate and many believe loved ones are getting poor care. There is little enjoyment in living longer if you do not get the care and support you need to live a full life.


“This cannot continue and the Government need to act now to tackle this growing problem before it reaches crisis point.”

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