Steve responds to changes at Cadbury

In response to announcements by Kraft about changes to how Cadbury will be organised Steve McCabe MP has said that his priority is to protect the jobs of Cadbury workers. Kraft confirmed earlier this month that it was planning to turn the Cadbury firm into a subsidiary of a new Swiss company.

Steve McCabe MP said:

"I think the long term prospects for Cadbury are good.

“I don’t think this is a particularly new development,” he said. “It would be odd if, after a takeover, they did not integrate their managment structures. 

“The Bournville factory remains the centre for research and development for chocolate production, and this does not affect that.
“I have had assurances over the current factory and I am very encouraged that Kraft have continued a programme of investment in Bournville, which was started before they arrived.
“It is clear they are going to base Cadbury at Bournville. My priority has always been to protect the jobs of Cadbury workers.
“I will definitely raise this issue with the Kraft management but I do not think this move is a worrying one.”
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