Locals and MP get busy saving iconic bee

Steve McCabe praised local residents’ work to save the Long-horned Bee - the area’s ‘iconic’ bee


Bee-lovers have taken over 183 actions to save bees in Birmingham, Selly Oak as part of Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign. Actions include planting bee friendly seeds, signing petitions and building ‘bee hotels’ to replace lost natural habitat.


A new University of Reading report identifies parts of the West Midlands as of key importance to the Long-horned Bee and highlights the issue of habitat loss in the decline of bees across the region.


Steve McCabe said: “It’s amazing, pardon the pun, but I never thought bees would create such a buzz. It’s great to see people helping the Long-horned Bee. And I’m doing my bit too by asking the Government to introduce a Bee Action Plan to tackle all major causes of bee decline.

“I have being asking the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what research they are doing into the potential effect of pesticides on bees and other pollinators and hope decisive action will be taken on this important issue.”


Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns, Andrew Pendleton, said

“We’re delighted that Stephen McCabe is listening to people in Birmingham, Selly Oak and has pledged to help save bees, especially the Long-horned Bee. Bees are vital to our food supply, green spaces and economy, but they are in trouble. The Government must act urgently to stop their decline.”

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