Energy Bill is missed opportunity to help hard pressed bill payers” says Steve McCabe MP

Steve McCabe has expressed disappointment that the Energy Bill has missed an opportunity to help hard pressed bill payers and to clean up our power system by failing to include a decarbonisation target.


David Cameron has broken his promise to put customers on the cheapest energy tariff and the Bill also fails to protect people from rip-off energy bills. The Energy Bill does not include provisions to reform the energy market to make it more competitive and transparent nor does it ensure the regulator has sufficient authority to protect consumers from the sharp practice and dodgy pricing tactics energy companies have used against their customers. 


The Energy Bill also fails to set a decarbonisation target which the Labour Party is calling for. By setting a 2030 target the Bill would send out a clear signal to investors showing Britain is committed to reducing emissions in the power sector and would act as a strong incentive to invest in the UK bringing new jobs and industries in clean energy. Businesses, investors and environmental groups are also calling for a 2030 target to be set.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“This Government claimed it would be the ‘greenest government ever’, well they are falling short of the mark. They need to set a decarbonisation target for 2030 to give reassurances to businesses and investors Britain is serious about clean energy.


“I am also disappointed that despite the Prime Ministers promises there is little provision in this Bill to help consumers who are struggling with rising energy prices and the ever increasing cost of living. Our energy market is dominated by the big six companies and consumers deserve to know they will be protected from bad practise and unjustifiable price rises.”

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