Local MP joins Swanshurst School Suffragettes to play boyhood hero

Steve McCabe joined Swanshurst School pupils to play the role of Keir Hardie in a re-enactment of the suffragette campaign for Votes For Women and the tragic circumstances leading up to the death of Emily Davison on Derby Day 4th June 1913.


The event was organised by Douglas Smith Sixth Form tutor at Swanshurst School. Students and staff from Swanshurst took part in the re-enactment in Kings Heath Village Square on Saturday 15 June.


They were supported by local volunteers and Tony Fox from Village Libraries.


Steve said:

 "It was a brilliant idea and lots of fun. The Labour Party was the first political party to back votes for women and Keir Hardie, the Party's first leader, was prominent in promoting the policy and speaking out against the cruelty of the 'forced feeding' regime imposed on the Suffragettes who went on hunger strike.


“I can remember my grandmother telling me stories about Keir Hardie when I was a child. When I discovered that he was also born in Lanarkshire he became a bit of a hero when I was a young lad. “

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