Birmingham Loses Out In Spending Review

Steve McCabe has slammed the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s spending plans announced in today’s Comprehensive Spending Review

The Chancellor has today announced further cuts of £11.5bn including 10% cuts to local government. The Chancellor has also announced that the pot of money available for Local Enterprise Partnerships to bid for will only be £10bn over 5 years in contrast to the almost £50bn that was asked for.  

Steve McCabe MP said: “These spending plans don’t offer much hope to my constituents. I hear every day from those who are suffering with the rising cost of living. Councils are already struggling because of the Tories’ swinging cuts but a further cut of 10% will dramatically affect the council services that my constituents rely on.

“In the West Midlands the economy is still in a poor state. I am concerned that the Government has not introduced the Single Local Growth Fund on the scale envisioned in Michael Heseltine’s report on growth from earlier this year.

“The paltry sum of £10bn that the Chancellor announced today instead of the tens of billions of investment that was called for in the report shows the failure of this Government to take the action that we need.

“I wanted to see more action to promote job creation across the UK and in the West Midlands. It is clear that the people of Britain will be living with George Osborne’s legacy of failure for years to come”.

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