Steve McCabe MP slams Chancellor’s plans announced in today’s Comprehensive Spending Review

By Steve McCabe MP:

Today the Chancellor has come to the Commons to announce a further £11.5bn of cuts in public spending.  That’s cuts to policing, border security, health, libraries, sports halls and youth clubs. Two years ago he said he’d asked the British people for all that was needed and he wouldn’t be coming back for more but today he is

Why ?? Because this Chancellor can’t bring himself to admit that he got it wrong. He was wrong in his first budget when he slashed public spending and sent our economy into reverse. We told him he was cutting too far and too fast and that he would wreck the recovery but he wouldn’t listen. He and his new found LibDem friends just wanted to blame it all on Labour. Well now we know he was wrong. The National Debt in our country has risen from £828.7 billion when he first became Chancellor to an eye watering £1.19 trillion. Debt is continuing to rise and at the next election the deficit, which they promised to wipe out, will be £78billion higher.

Meanwhile unemployment is growing as are hospital waiting times and the number of ordinary families simply unable to make ends meet.  It doesn’t have to be like this. The key to cutting debt is to grow the economy. That means reversing the millionaires’ tax cuts and bankers’ bonuses and using that money to put the unemployed back to work. It means cutting the housing benefit paid to fat cat private landlords and using that money to build houses. It means borrowing only to invest in schools, roads and hospitals not the wasteful borrowing to pay for the failure of unemployment, rising welfare and tax cuts for the rich.

George Osborne is wrong but while he and his friends enjoy the fruits of your sacrifices. Everything you’ve ever worked for and dreamed of for your children is being destroyed by this reckless government.

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