Steve McCabe MP accuses Prime Minister of running scared over EU Referendum

Steve McCabe MP has accused David Cameron of running scared by backing a backbench Private Member’s Bill calling for an In/Out EU Referendum.


James Wharton MP (Stockton South) has tabled a Private Member’s Bill which legislates for an EU Referendum to be held in 2017. This Bill will have its Second Reading on Friday 5th July.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“Like many other MP’s I will not be attending this vote as I have a full day of constituency business. In any event I find it quite absurd that the Prime Minister is seeking to resolve a major constitutional matter by means of a Private Member’s Bill simply because he is not strong enough to stand up to his coalition partners.


“Personally I am in favour of an In/Out Referendum on Britain’s future membership of the EU and if we are to have a referendum this should be as soon as possible and not way off in the future in 2017. I am at odds with what the Labour Party thinks on this issue but I think a lot has changed since British people last had a say on this. I am wholly in favour of staying in the EU but we need to make our position clear on this for the sake of our economy.


“I think the Prime Minister has let people down over this issue, instead of making a clear decision either way he is letting his backbenchers do his job for him. This is a big constitutional issue and his lack of leadership is very worrying.”

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