Steve McCabe MP calls for cooperation over social care reform

Steve has been consulting constituents on the future funding of social care and elderly care and the results show people are not happy with how the system is working.


Key findings show that 73% of constituents taking part in the survey regard care of the elderly as an important issue for them and their family; 90% ranked ‘quality of care’ as the issue of greatest  importance; 43% classed the care currently being received by a relative as good or excellent, 42% as satisfactory and 12% said it was unacceptable. There were a variety of opinions on who should meet the costs of care - 67% thought it should be a mixture of the state and individual. There was considerable variation on the ideas on the cap on care costs and 53% of people were opposed to taking a person’s assets into account when assessing for care.


The Government plans to set a cap on how much an individual should pay towards care at £72,000, but the amount that one person will have to pay represents local authority rates and not the actual amount a person spends. The cap excludes food and accommodation meaning it is likely that some people will be paying much more than £72,000. It also seems that it will still be possible to take the value of a person’s house into account.


The Chancellor recognised the extent of the care crisis in the June Spending review and announced funding for integrated social care and NHS services, similar to plans proposed by the Shadow Labour Health Team.


Steve McCabe said:

“After consulting my constituents I was dismayed to see the widespread dissatisfaction with the social care system, we need something that works and is affordable and we don’t have that at present.


“I was pleased to see George Osborne announce funds for integrated social care and NHS services, this is something Labour have been advocating for some time. We need to remove the artificial barriers between the NHS and local authorities as this split all too often leads to bed blocking, endless assessments and arguments about who should pay.


“However, I am worried that local authorities, who provide the lion’s share of social care services, have been hit with budget cuts of another 10%. We need to ensure that this new fund is not just used to make up this shortfall.


“I am continuing to visit social care providers and am working with carers as we need to get this right and we need cross-party agreement on this issue. How we treat our elderly and disabled and those who care for them is a mark of our society.”

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