Steve McCabe MP meets up with Baverstock Academy to celebrate their achievements

Steve McCabe met with Headteacher Thomas Marshall, Head of RE Revd Sior Coleman, and Chair of the Governing Body Sandra Howes to have a tour of the school and catch up on the latest news.


Baverstock Academy has been named Most Improved School of 2012 following outstanding GCSE results in Summer 2012, and is one of the most improved schools across the country.


Baverstock is also home to LEAP which was established in January 2011 in a bid to tackle its problems with exclusions. Since its introduction permanent exclusions have reduced to zero and has made a huge impact on students who were previously not engaged in learning.


Baverstock Academy is proud to be the UK’s first Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP) Training Academy, which enables Baverstock to support their own staff but also support and encourage the highest standards of teaching across the country. The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust awarded this title in recognition of Baverstock’s Outstanding Teacher Training Programme


Steve said:

“I enjoyed visiting Baverstock Academy and looking around the school, I spoke with staff and students who were enthusiastic about teaching and learning and were proud of their school.

“It is refreshing to see a different and more pro-active approach to learning, especially for those students that often get left behind or are deemed too naughty to deal with. This School is on the up and so are standards and I hope it continues to get better and better.”

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