Steve McCabe MP backs quest for dental care for all

Steve McCabe MP is backing a request to ensure that NHS dental care meets the needs of vulnerable and hard-to-reach patients.

Attending a meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dentistry at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 10 July, Steve McCabe MP met with Birmingham dentist and Dental School lecturer, Dr Janet Clarke MBE, the former president of the British Dental Association who has been asked to lead a government review looking at how access to care and health outcomes for vulnerable patients can be improved.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“Regular visits to the dentist play an important part in helping all of us maintain good oral health. But some people, for various reasons, struggle to access dentistry. This is particularly true for elderly people living at home and can also be an issue for those in care homes and can similarly be an issue for people with mental health problems or those with learning difficulties.

“This task force has important work to do in ensuring that everybody is able to access the care they need. I’m delighted that our own Dr Janet Clarke has been asked to do this work. She is exactly the right person for the job. I fully support her efforts which I hope will help vulnerable patients across Birmingham”.

The task force was launched in April this year at the 2013 British Dental Conference and Exhibition.

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