Steve McCabe MP calls for more action on E-Crime following Home Affairs Select Committee report

Steve McCabe MP, Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee, has called on the Government to do more to tackle the perpetrators of criminal behaviour online following the publication of the Home Affairs Select Committee report on e-crime.


Following a 10 month inquiry the Home Affairs Select Committee has published its first ever report on e-crime. The report concluded that their appears to be a ‘black hole’ where e-crime is committed and online criminal activity which defrauds victims of money is often not reported or investigated by law enforcement. Banks simply reimburse the victims without pursuit of the perpetrators and criminals who commit a high volume of low level fraud can still made huge profits. The Select Committee believes banks must be required to report all e-crime fraud to law enforcement.


The Home Affairs Select Committee recommends the establishment of a dedicated state of the art espionage response team so that British companies, media, and public institutions can immediately contact it to report a cyber attack so that effective action can be taken.


The Committee also call for the Director of Public Prosecutions to review sentencing guidance and ensure e-criminals receive the same sentences as if they stole the same amount of money or data offline.


They also expressed concern that the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is having its budget cut by 10% over the next four years. Recent cases have highlighted the dangers of indecent images on the web. Internet Service Providers, search engines and social media platforms are not doing enough to monitor and remove inappropriate content; if they cannot do this voluntarily the Prime Minister has said he will legislate.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“We are too complacent about e-crime and more needs to be done to tackle this growing type of offence. With so much of our social and working lives dependent on the digital economy we must not underestimate the threat of a cyber attack and this is why the Home Affairs Committee is calling for a state of the art espionage response team to deal with these type of threats.


“I welcome the Prime Minister’s recent comments indicating that he is taking a personal interest in tackling online child abuse and porn, although I’m not clear how cutting the budget will help.”

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