Steve McCabe MP Announces Results of Under Threat NHS Walk-In Centre Survey

Steve McCabe, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Selly Oak has announced the results of his consultation with more than 1,000 constituents on the future of the Katie Road NHS Walk-In Centre in his Constituency.


The consultation was carried out following continuing uncertainty about the future of NHS Walk-In Centres in Birmingham. 

72% of those surveyed told Steve said that they had used the Katie Road Centre, with 56% of people saying that they had used it for out of hours emergency medical care. 55% of the constituents said they were very concerned at proposals by the CCG to move the services provided by the centre to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Site in Edgbaston.  

When asked what they would do if the Centre was closed, 36% they would have turned to their GP for advice, and 39% said they would go to their local Accident & Emergency Unit. 

Steve McCabe said: 

“This is a really important survey that should send a clear signal to the local CCG that residents do not want their valued services to be moved out of the local area. 

“These figures underline that my constituents would turn to other NHS services which themselves are facing significant pressures. This just goes to show how valuable local services like the Katie Road Walk-In Centre are, because they offer a local and reliable source of valuable medical advice. 

“23% of those surveyed said that they could not get an appointment with their local GP so turned to the walk-in centre, and 16% said that they went to the walk-in centre for medical advice about young children or for their elderly relatives. The Clinical Commissioning Group needs to listen to and consult local residents over the next year whilst they decide the future of the Katie Road Centre”.  

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