Steve McCabe MP fears local charities will be silenced by the Government’s Lobbying Bill

Steve McCabe is raising grave concerns that the Lobbying Bill will have damaging consequences for local charities, organisations and people in Birmingham.


The Lobbying Bill could make it much more difficult for small charities and local organisations to hold the Tories and Lib Dems to account for their record in Government, to campaign against their destructive policies and to highlight how these policies have a damaging effect on people in Birmingham. Steve McCabe is speaking with local charities and community groups to assess how it will impact on them and will certainly be bringing this evidence to the Government when this Bill is scrutinised.


Not only does the Bill have the potential to gag charities on worthwhile campaign issues but it only captures a tiny minority of the lobbying industry. It is a ‘lobbyist’s charter’ that would have done nothing to prevent the very scandals the Prime Minister warned against. With no code of conduct or sanctions for bad behaviour, the Bill is a step backwards from the current voluntary register that already governs parts of the industry.


Steve McCabe MP said: “It is absurd that the Government is even claiming this Bill will tackle lobbying scandals like we’ve seen over the past few years. Only David Cameron could present a lobbying Bill that wouldn’t stop lobbyist Lynton Crosby from advising the Prime Minister on tobacco policy but could stop an organisation like Cancer Research UK from campaigning about it.


“Small charities do so much to protect and improve the lives of local people and the Government should be helping them instead of trying to gag them by creating unnecessary administrative burdens. I am asking charities in my constituency how this will affect them and it is becoming obvious they are very worried by this Bill.


“This is just another example of David Cameron sticking up for his millionaire mates while hardworking charities are losing out.”

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