Steve McCabe MP slams Government’s energy plans for hitting pensioners on the brink of winter as SSE announces price rises

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, has slammed Government plans to bring down energy bills, claiming not only will they not help the majority of people but it will also result in the scrapping of  special pensioner tariffs.


The Government is set to introduce new rules forcing energy companies to reduce the number of tariffs they offer to four, in an aim to ensure every household is on the cheapest tariff.


However, the Government have clearly not considered which tariffs are likely to be scrapped and it has emerged that E.O.N. has decided to scrap the successful Stay Warm tariff for pensioners.


This tariff offered people over 60 years old a fixed price for their energy bills for 12 months with nothing extra to pay and no surprise bills throughout the year. E.O.N. has blamed its decision to scrap the tariff on the Government’s new rules forcing them to reduce the tariffs they can offer.


The scheme will close as current contracts come to an end from 7 October, just in time for winter. This decision is made all the more concerning in light of SSE’s announcement today that they will be increasing energy bills by an inflation busting 8.2%.


Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am extremely worried about the effects of the government’s energy policy; experts have warned that reducing the number of tariffs on offer will only mean energy companies scrapping their cheapest tariffs. There are hundreds of pensioners on the Stay Warm tariff in my constituency who are going to be hit by huge bills over the coming winter.


“Nine in ten people will not benefit on Cameron’s promise to put people on the lowest tariff. The government’s policy is having the opposite affect and increasing the bills of the most vulnerable.  


“Today we have heard that SSE will be increasing their prices by 8.2%, how long will it be until the other energy companies follow suit? We are going to be left in a situation where more and more people will have to chose between heating and eating, and despite this David Cameron will still not back Labour’s promise to freeze energy bills. It is clear this government is out of touch with the lives of ordinary people and have no handle on the cost of living crisis gripping our country.”

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