Steve McCabe MP supports Breakthrough Breast Cancer campaign to improve drug access so patients get the best treatment

Steve McCabe MP has backed the call from charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer to make the issue of access to drugs a top priority, and help put breast cancer back on the agenda.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer have called on the Government to bring about a new focus on breast cancer, with a priority of introducing a fairer system through which effective new treatments are routinely made available to patients who are living with secondary breast cancer.

Earlier this year Breakthrough expressed its disappointment that two effective metastatic breast cancer drugs, everolimus (also known as Afinitor), and pertuzumab (also known as Perjeta) were rejected by NICE on the basis of cost. Last month the Government announced a two-year extension of the Cancer Drugs Fund, an England-only fund through which patients can access drugs rejected – or not yet approved – by NICE for routine use on the NHS.

Steve McCabe MP said:

 “Thousands of women in the UK are living with a diagnosis of secondary breast cancer, with very limited treatment options. This is why it is essential to make new treatments available to those living with secondary breast cancer. Research is developing treatments that can give women at the end of their lives better quality time with their loved ones; we have a responsibility to ensure that there is a system that allows these pioneering new drugs to routinely reach patients who will benefit from them.”

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