Steve McCabe MP supports launch of patient priorities for eye research

Steve McCabe MP backs eye research which prioritises patients needs to improve support for those living with sight loss.

Much is being done in the field of research to prevent sight loss and treat eye disease but many questions remain unanswered. A report outlining patients’ priorities for eye research was launched on 9 October on the eve of World Sight Day.

Key organisations across the sight loss and vision sector have been working together to find out what those closest to the conditions most want. Forming the Sight Loss and Vision Priority Setting Partnership the group consulted patients, relatives, carers and eye health professionals to get an insight into what is most important to address through research.

The information gathered through a prioritisation exercise will help ensure that future research programmes funded by charities and organisations across the UK can be targeted according to the prioritised needs of people living with sight loss, their relatives, carers and eye health professionals.

Steve McCabe MP said:

“I recently took part in Fight for Sight’s Carrots Night walk, a 15 mile walk from the University of Birmingham to support the important work they do. Prioritising what patients need for future research is vital to improve support for those living with sight loss which is why I support this research.

“Over 7,700 people in Birmingham are living with sight loss. Every day 100 people in the UK start to lose their sight which I was shocked to learn. Even more so when social research shows that sight loss is the sense that people fear losing the most.”

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